Friday, May 18, 2012

The Impulse Team Welcomes Critically Acclaimed author, Jake Bannerman

Jake Bannerman is the author of several books that are considered to be extremely controversial by mainstream society. The Harvest- Family of Dog book 1 may very well be the most controversial, book of them all.

The Family Of Dog Series begins with The Harvest. Part One of a three book series takes you on a journey of Satan, who has been raised from hell by 18 individuals who are suing him for breach of contract after they are displeased with the results of selling their souls. A hurricaine of terror erupts as mankind takes on and creates a war between the deities, critics are saying The Family of Dog is the most dangerous piece of work to ever hit paper. It takes what we know of hell to an entirely new level.

I say this to horror lovers everywhere: If you haven't read Jake's books- you have not have the Hell scared into you, yet. For more on Jake Bannerman, click on the photos to the left and let the scare fest begin!

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